The College sporting program is centered around our membership of The Associated Schools (TAS), the premier co-educational sporting association of south-east Queensland. Sport is a natural extension of the College physical education program and promotes the physical and social development of all students.

The sports currently offered through the Saturday fixture program of TAS include:

  • Boys and Girls Basketball
  • Boys and Girls Tennis
  • Boys and Girls Volleyball
  • Boys Rugby
  • Girls Netball
  • Boys Football
  • Girls Touch Football
  • Boys Cricket
  • Girls Soccer

Students in Years 4, 5 and 6 are able to participate in the junior component of the TAS program (JTAS). Students are able to compete in Netball, Rugby, Soccer, Hockey, Touch Football, Basketball, Tennis and Cricket. A selection of pre-competition carnivals is available to students in Year 4 each year.

In addition, major championships are conducted in Swimming, Cross-country, and Athletics. Students with specific aptitudes and abilities in diverse individual sports such as Triathlon, Equestrian, etc. are also provided with opportunities to develop and compete at an inter-school level.

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