THE MIDDLE SCHOOL (Year 7 to Year 9)

"The future is so exciting! There's so much I want to learn about and so many new ideas to explore"

In developing a more innovative and dynamic curriculum for students entering Secondary School, Rivermount College has introduced the Middle Years of Schooling for students in Years 7, 8 and 9. The Middle School provides a stimulating learning environment, a smooth transition for students from Primary to Secondary schooling and paves the way for successful integration into the Senior School program.

In continuing the strong pattern of teacher-student relationships from Junior School, Rivermount College places considerable emphasis on rewarding teacher-student relationships. A more student-centred classroom and learning experiences, ideally involving fewer teachers than in the traditional Secondary School are key strategies in our approach to Middle Schooling. A team of teaching staff within the Middle School share responsibilities across the key learning areas with the added expertise of key staff in specialist areas. Stronger student-teacher relationships foster a more productive working environment enabling staff to identify and cater for individual student strengths and weaknesses.

The Middle School curriculum provides a very active and dynamic learning environment designed to foster high levels of student involvement and interest. A broad range of experiences and opportunities ensure students are able to enjoy and learn from these important years of schooling. Learning in the Middle School focuses on the use of goal-oriented teaching; support for student autonomy and choice in lesson design. The student-centred and inter-disciplinary characteristics of the curriculum provide the opportunity for students to develop and reinforce their skills in problem solving, decision-making, information processing and critical thinking. This is reinforced through the College’s Outdoor Education Program and evidenced in student completion of integrated tasks.

The Pastoral Care program offered in the Middle School provides a safe and supportive environment with a strong focus on values, ethics and personal development. To better prepare students for the impact of social pressures, they are given the tools to assist them with issues relating to self-confidence; relationships; peer-pressure; drugs and alcohol. In this important stage of growth and change, students are able to benefit from a program that understands their particular intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs.

The key learning areas (English, Mathematics, Science, Health and Physical Education, Humanities, Japanese, the Arts and Technology) form the foundation of the Middle School curriculum.  Students in Years 7 and 8 study a core program based on these key learning areas. The program for Year 9 students is comprised of subjects based on the key learning areas with elective subjects to reflect the interests of individual students.

The Cocurricular Activities Program offered by the College compliments the academic curriculum of the Middle School by providing students with the opportunity to learn and express themselves through a wide variety of sporting and cultural activities. Students are able to realise their full potential through active participation in the many student-based activities offered.


Christian Living
Technology (Home Economics, Information Technology, Design & Technology & Graphics)
Health and Physical Education
The Arts (Art, Music, Dance and Drama)


To ensure that all students will not disadvantage themselves in later years the following subjects are compulsory for Year 9 students.

Core Subjects

Christian Living
Health and Physical Education

In addition to these subjects, students are asked to choose three (3) elective subjects:

Elective Subjects

Computer Studies
Home Economics
Design and Technology

Realising the Potential Within.

Applications for current and future years welcome.