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Primary School Art Auction

Our talented Primary School classes have been busy preparing unique art pieces to be auctioned at the upcoming Funfair on Saturday 8 October. We hope you enjoy viewing the art creations below and please take the time to visit the auction and bid on your favourite piece.



Mixed media sculpture Imagination World, 2022

The Kindy children have worked on this art piece collaboratively for over a month, which is what makes it so special! It began with recycled cardboard and was added to daily as a form of process art, where the children were focused on the act of creating rather than the product. Over the weeks it morphed in shape, texture and colour as the materials and ideas evolved. The children made decisions, experimented, connected with their peers, and engaged their imaginations.

The result is a 3D creation that the children refer to as their ‘world’; it represents a landscape – with all its hills, valleys and intricacies. To add to the children’s sense of identity within the work, each child hand-drew a portrait of themselves and placed it in the landscape.

We think this artwork encapsulates the spirit of our amazing Golden Wattle children and hope its viewers can see the authentic expression of each child represented in the World.



Linking their Term 3 interests of Aboriginal symbols and growing things, Lilly Pilly Seedlings have decorated a plant pot with Aboriginal dot painting and symbols that represent their connection to their school.

With the sun and the river at the centre, they have chosen to paint their school as a meeting place, with mountains, people sitting together, animals and trees.



The Prep A art piece is based on the Dr Seuss ‘Oh, the places you’ll go!’ story book. It is a painted canvas with photos of all the Prep A students attached to their own coloured hot air balloons. In Prep A we are flying through our learning! Skies the limit!



We are One

6 painted collages are in our series, 2 animals and 4 flowers/plants.

In Prep B we have created a collaborative Pete Cromer inspired series of Australian Flora and Fauna collages. We practiced blending acrylic paint to produce an array of vibrant colours that represent the beauty of our Australian natural environment.



Self Expression

In prep C we value self-expression and exploring our own identity. To create this art piece all students drew a picture they love and connect with then explored watercolours to make it shine just like them.



1A chose to do fingerprint flowers that came together as a beautiful bunch of flowers. It demonstrates that together how much we have grown and changed. We took inspiration from the quote - "You left your prints on our hearts and minds, now we leave ours with you".



1B worked together to create a string of hearts to remind us our hearts are special and we are all unique.



Dotted Turtle

Our class created this turtle, along with other animals, during our Indigenous incursion. The circles represent our communities all around us. The river represents our school, Rivermount College!



Each student in 2A decorated their own page with watercolours then cut them into circles, which were then arranged into a rainbow collage to create a new art piece that illustrates how beautiful it can be when all our differences are combined!



Drawing inspiration from William Turner’s quote, 2B wanted to express how people join together through a shared similar interest regardless of the differences that can be used to divide us. We are always better together.



2C has made a framed finger-knitted art piece. The colour theme is red and grey. Each student carefully finger-knitted a few sections of the art piece. All of the pieces fit together to create a beautifully textured art piece. Finger knitting has been a theme for our class this year, providing relaxation and refining our fine motor skills.




Students collaboratively painted their fireworks as a symbol of teamwork. Fireworks are a special moment in time that is enjoyed by all.



Mindful Mandala

3B created a collaborative class Mandala. The word mandala is for circle, meaning completion. The students of 3B worked together to represent themselves in the 20 different pieces. They are very proud of the final result.



Ngullia Mulgerri (Our Gift)

This artwork was created to display the wide range of diversity within our classroom. Each student was given two sections of this piece to fill in however they wanted. Students embraced their creativity and imagination to deliver this piece. The sections were divided to give a look of how Australian Indigenous maps show the border lines between tribes. As we have been learning about Indigenous Australia, many students decided to use indigenous colours or painting techniques in their sections.

Yugambeh language translations

Our – Ngullina

Gift – Mulgerri



Our class artwork is based on the theme that we have in 4A which is ‘be kind’. We decided to represent ‘be kind’ by using bees as a way to play on words. Each student designed and decorated their own piece of honeycomb to do with bees or being kind. So in a world where you can be anything, be kind!



Our class decided to use a beautiful quote for our class art project. You hold your children's hands for a little while, but their hearts forever. Each student, teacher and teacher aide from 4B wrote their name on an individual heart to then combine it to make a giant heart. We all added a personal decorative touch to complete our masterpiece.



Last year, the students of 4C created a Kindness Emoji using water paints on canvas


This year's piece is a mosaic made of geometric patterns on MDF using warm and cold colours representing the individual diversity and uniqueness of all students in 4C, when placed together they represent a picture of a community that is one of a kind.



A selection of students created animal faces using pastel, ink and dye. Each animal represents their favourite animal and colour.



Pieces Assemble

Each student created their own art within a puzzle piece which when assembled together create one larger masterpiece!



5C’s art piece is all about coming together, despite out differences, to live in harmony and peace – sharing the love.



Imagination Chair

6A has created the ‘Imagination Chair’. The chair was wooden pieces found at a garage sale that a lady said was too difficult to build however we got it together (with the help of Mrs Prole) and the students were all assigned panels of the chair and given free rein to draw patterns and pictures of whatever they liked on their panel of the chair.



6B has created a framed artwork depicting each student in the class with their hands held in the shape of a heart and with their name written inside their heart shape. The background is a variety of bright and cheerful colours. This design encapsulates both the wonderful community feeling within Rivermount College, the caring and supportive nature of the students, and the compassion that the students have towards each other and their peers.


As part of the Amazing Funfair's Art Auction, we are pleased to offer for auction the following limited creations by Mrs Suzy Knapper (Staff Member) and Year 11 Student, Anastasia Clark.


Spirited Blue Jay

The Blue Jay Songbird represents happiness, wisdom and innovation, encouraging those who sight this beautiful bird to work and strive toward developing attributes of strength, courage and resilience.

Limited Edition watercolour by Mrs Suzy Knapper (Artist signature Susan Alice White).



Limited Edition Acrylic painting by Year 11 Student, Anastasia Clark