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Feb 07, 2020


The success of the cake stalls in 2019, ensured they are going to continue in 2020, but this year they will be bigger and better!

The Business Program is now active across the Secondary School and this ensures that the cake stalls will run for Semester 1. We are all very excited by this development.

The first cake stall will be hosted by the Year 9 Business students and will take place at The Neville Bonner Centre on Wednesday 12 February from the beginning of lunch. The Year 9 class is very keen to develop this innovative tradition from the Business Department and they are busy planning both their menu and marketing program.

The continued success of this program relies on teamwork, vision, planning, passion, the generosity of parents and of course the support of the students. We all hope the pieces of the jigsaw fall into place to create a wonderful initiative that is The RMC Business Cake Stalls.

CAKE STALL: Wednesday 12 February, at lunchtime, in The Neville Bonner Centre