Feb 18, 2020

CASE Space School

In November last year, a select group of Secondary school students embarked on an adventure of a lifetime, heading off to Houston, Texas to attend the CASE Space School.

This immersive and experiential program hones individual leadership, project management and communication skills, while building personal skills and lifelong friendships.

The students spent two weeks learning the ins and outs of space, having incredible access to NASA and innovative technology organisations.

“My favourite part of the trip was visiting the Ad Astra Rocket Company, where we were able to behold the VASIMR (Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket) engine vacuum test chamber,” Baker Webb said.

Spending time in the USA, gave the students the opportunity to experience what life has to offer within the country and the aerospace industry.

“We had the opportunity to design, build and control mock-up Mars rovers using supplies, tools and electrics to make the most suitable rover for a Mars mission,” Joe Fogden said.

“Learning about the way scientists simulate space while on Earth was amazing, we even tried one of the methods ourselves, by scuba diving in an almost neutrally buoyant indoor pool,” Logan Webb said.

The CASE Space School was an enlightening experience, challenging the students with exciting and thought-provoking projects, lectures and experiences.

Rivermount College is committed to providing students with opportunities that enhance their learning experience and provide valuable insight into career pathways.

For anyone considering a career in STEM, take the leap and sign up for the next CASE Space School Mission, and learn from the finest NASA astronauts and professionals around the world.