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Aug 21, 2020

F1 Racing Cars

In their Design class, Year 10 students have been learning about design processes and protocols and how they can be useful in solving real-world problems. To test their understanding, the students were challenged to redesign and improve the performance of an F1 racing car with the view to be the fastest down the track.

The students worked independently to create the most efficient model, then utilising a virtual wind tunnel, they tested their concept’s aerodynamics, friction reduction and construction material. Documenting the journey and reporting on the success of their trials formed part of their assessment.  

The winning design was then brought to life, using the College’s CNC Machine. To give their racing car an added advantage, the students added a tether guide, axle and wing. 

Working in groups of two, the students competed in a round-robin racing event. Individuals were paired together based on similar reaction times and car speed, eliminating the slowest car each round. The fastest F1 car belonged to Thomas Wilson recording a time of 1.339, closely followed by Timothy Nielson with a time of 1.345 and Millie Gould with a time of 1.384.

The F1 Design project provided a stimulating look into the importance of design and reaction time, while encouraging students to show their creativity and have fun.