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May 14, 2020


Ms Angie Henry started at Rivermount College at the beginning of 2010. She taught in year 3 for one year and then moved to Year 2 in 2011. She did not remain in the lower grades for long and in 2012 she began her time in year 5. It was evident she enjoyed teaching this year level due to her lasting eight years in this grade. In 2019 she decided to make the move to Year 6 where she currently continues to teach.

Angie’s vibrant energy is endless and this is evident in her passion to support all students through their endeavours in electives, sports such as rugby, netball, basketball and touch, school discos, year level camps, musicals, incursions, excursions, the inaugural year six Canberra trip, extra-curricular activities inside and outside of school such as dance recitals. She develops a rapport with her students that lasts years after they have left her in primary. This is evident due to the number of students from the high school who come down to the primary area searching for Ms Henry, just to say, ‘Hi’.

Ms Henry is well known for teaching from the heart. Her class is not just a number of students; it is her family.  It is not uncommon to hear her answer them “Yes, babe” when they call her. They call her “mum”, accidentally of course, but she does not mind.  Her classroom is simply an extension of her heart.

This year we acknowledge the wonderful and heartfelt contributions of our very loved and appreciated Ms Henry. Her innovative ideas and the commitment to her students and to the College community as a whole is greatly respected and we thank you for nurturing so many young minds through their educational journey at RMC.