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May 14, 2020


Miss Alyson Clarkson has been a much valued and loved teacher in the Rivermount Community for the past ten years, dedicating her first 8 years teaching Prep students before taking up the challenge to teach year one, where she has been for the past 2 years. As an Early Learning Teacher, Alyson has boundless energy, compassion, and patience.

Alyson’s dedication to the teaching profession is her passion and she often goes beyond the classroom to engage in a myriad of cocurricular activities. She has managed countless Junior TAS soccer teams, supervised and conducted many elective programs over the years, volunteered to supervise the junior school discos and has supervised students with extra-curricular activities and eisteddfods. She consistently gives of her time and goes above and beyond her call of duty as a teacher.

Alyson’s tolerance, patience and love for her students has won her the affection of all the students she has taught. She has developed strong bonds with their families who will be forever in awe of her ability to nurture and guide students along their educational journey.

Congratulations Alyson on a wonderful 10 years at Rivermount College and we acknowledge your devotion and the caring, nurturing teacher that you are.