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Nov 19, 2020

Patterns of My Days | Year 11 Art Incursion

Art as Knowledge’ was the concept explored in the recent Year 11 Art incursion. The integrated learning opportunity was led by local artist and educator Therese Flynn-Clarke. Students were immersed in an authentic artist experience, discovering the unique processes used in moving artwork from idea to completed product. 

The Year 11 students collected and explored various mediums and materials, some found on campus and others supplied by our visiting artist. Building knowledge about art, students made connections to place and environment, highlighting for them the fundamental process of artistic germination and the correct way to document, gather and glean. 

Over the next few weeks students will learn the process of eco-dying and plant/fibre basketry and apply their new skills by exploring a self-lead journey of personal interests, beliefs and observations of the world.

We look forward to seeing their creations at the end of Term 4.