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Sep 21, 2020

Prep Teddy Bears Picnic

If you went up to Prep today, you would have had a big surprise! Today was the day they had their Teddy Bears Picnic!

Our Prep students brought their teddy bears to school recently for a special teddy bear themed activity day. The students, along with their furry friends, sang songs, rhymes and read exciting stories about teddy bears.

After a morning in their classrooms, the Preps ventured outside to participate in special teddy bear activities including butterfly painting, collage teddy masks, bubble play and popcorn making.  The teddy bears also loved exploring the playground, with the slippery dip being a big hit.

To top off an already exciting day, students had some special little visitors, with adorable baby chickens on hand for some fluffy cuddles. 

It was great to see so many happy faces and hear the joyful echo of laughter filling our Prep rooms.