Mar 13, 2020

Year 10 Incursion | Budding Scientists Tackle Data

“The increase importance and focus on data is reflective of a world where data manipulation and analysis skills will be vital in many vocations, giving you a significant advantage when seeking employment”.

— Dr Gurion Ang

As part of their transition into the senior sciences, our Year 10 science students recently completed two incursions centred around the collection, processing, analysis and interpretation of data.

The budding scientists participated in a day-long incursion at the College with a special presentation by Dr Gurion Ang, of the University of Queensland.

Dr Ang focused highly on the importance of scientists being able to analyse data and draw conclusions. This skill is a fundamental component of the new syllabus and will continue to be honed and perfected throughout the senior years of learning.

The newly acquired knowledge coupled with the in-class focus on data in Biology, Chemistry and Physics will enable our students to develop and strengthen this essential skill.