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Sep 18, 2020

Year 12 Mock Exams

As part their preparations for next term’s External Assessment, Year 12 students have this week been undertaking an exam block of mock assessment. Completion of these QCAA-devised mock examinations offers opportunities for students to gain familiarity with the nature and academic rigour of each Term Four external assessment. In addition, it provides valuable first-hand experience of the conditions under which the summative examination sessions will be undertaken, including expectations around student conduct and allowable equipment.

Depending on the subject, external assessment will assess subject matter from Units 3 and 4 or Unit 4 of a subject’s syllabus. Reflection and feedback on their mock exam responses early in Term 4 will enhance student understanding of how syllabus objectives and subject matter will be assessed in their subjects, from the context of familiarity with the language of external assessment, the types of questions that might be asked and the expected length of the responses. By experiencing authentic conditions and practising relevant skills, students will hopefully build their confidence and ability in sitting these high-stakes exams.