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Aug 11, 2020

History comes alive!

As part of their Humanities studies, students from Year 7 to Year 9 recently participated in an incursion conducted by ‘Living History’. Through a visual array of captivating props, enthusiastic storytellers and eye-opening facts, the students were able to immerse themselves into the pages of history.

Students in Year 7 enjoyed the opportunity to learn about Ancient Romans and Greeks, visualising the Battle of Thermopylae (300 Spartans) and imagining the ‘Et tu, Brute’ (the assassination of Julius Caesar). They discovered the emergence of democracy and the construction of cities with aqueducts and arches.

Year 9 students were confronted by parts of our brutal history, with trench warfare in World War 1, the consequences of The Treaty of Versailles, which created a rise of fascists states in Germany, Japan and Italy and inevitably started the World War 2. The Final Solution, the ‘Rats of Tobruk’, Pearl Harbour, The Nuremburg Trials and the Bombing of Hiroshima were all presented to the students providing a stark reality to the mammoth loss of lives to both soldiers and civilians.

The Year 8 cohort enjoyed learning about the Medieval Ages including the Battle of Agincourt, the Crusades, the emergence of the Knight and the Japanese Samurai, the fortification of castles and more. The students were even afforded the knowledge from the practical participation of jousting and archery. The experience was enhanced with props that brought the era to life with a splendour of rich colours from dainty tapestries, hand-painted iron shields and an impressive collection of steel armours.

A special thank you to ‘Living History’ for providing our Middle School students with the opportunity to appreciate and visualise a selection of historical events.