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Dec 11, 2020

Year 8 Business Hub

Students in Year 8 Business have been turning their business ideas into real business opportunities with a wonderful learning experience this term. As part of their exploration of business ventures, the students were each given $20 as a Capital Investment Loan. This loan, which had to be repaid from the profits made, gave the budding entrepreneurs the chance to turn their vision into reality.  This reality constituted the selling of multiple types of goods outside SN7 and various outside school business ventures. 

Products and Services sold were Scrunchies, Stickers, Cakes, Frogs in Ponds, Ice cream, Lawn Mowing, Fresh Free Range Eggs, Cleaning Service, Biscuits, Cup Cakes and after school activities at a Child Care facility. The students repaid the loan and kept their profits with 10% of profits being donated to the Salvation Army.