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Nov 19, 2020

Year 8 Eco-House Design

Sustainable living was a hot topic during our recent Year 8 Science incursion, with the cohort exploring the many concepts behind building eco-friendly houses. 

Investigating the concept of sustainability, College staff lead students in a discussion which linked the environment with design and construction. In small groups, students studied how heat moved to areas of cold and looked at the functions of convention, conduction and radiant heat.

Each discussion tied in with the overarching focus, which was on climate-proofing a house and keeping utility bills to a minimum. 

In their final task, students received a brief to build a house that would withstand the harshest environment – high winds, hot days and cold nights whilst being able to collect maximum rainfall and allow a helicopter to land on the roof.

Students also had to consider sustainable features, such as a rainwater tank, a north-facing aspect, solar panels, wall and ceiling insulation and a low window to wall surface area ratio - features that allowed students to gain utility credits and offset building costs. 

Competing for the best eco-house design, groups were innovative and incorporated the design brief well. The winning group was from 8C - Austin Barrett, Noah Wirth-Mong and George Stanton-Smith. 

Second prize went to 8B, with a team consisting of James Reid, Mia Sullivan, Cassandra Robertson and Jordan Nash, and the runners up were again from 8C, Carter Chesley, Declan Ryschka and Wyatt O’Donnell. 

Congratulations to the worthy winners and we hope that the seed has been firmly planted in the minds of our aspiring young architects to build their own fully sustainable eco-house one day.