At Rivermount College we recognise that all students are individuals who not only progress at different rates but who also have unique talents and abilities.

To assist students to realise their full potential, the Learning Enhancement Department provides support to students who have learning needs, either  individually, small group withdrawal or classroom based assistance.

A crucial aspect of a coordinated approach to improving literacy and numeracy is the early identification of students who may require additional support in these areas. Standardised testing in the areas of Reading and Mathematics and analysis of NAPLAN data are means in which students are identified as possibly benefiting from an early intervention program.

Enrichment activities within the classroom curriculum and in specific small group activities are provided for students who require challenging opportunities designed to extend their knowledge and develop problem solving skills. Opportunities also exist for students to develop their talents through interest based clubs, activities and the College Co-curricular program.

Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 NAPLAN Testing

All Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students participate in national testing each year. These tests are focused analysis instruments which complement classroom assessment to provide information about the performance of our students in aspects of Literacy and Numeracy.

The results of these tests are analysed in conjunction with information about students already collected through observation, consultation and other focused analysis techniques. The results of this national wide testing are used to identify aspects of students’ performance which may require further extensive investigation within the classroom context. In the Junior and Middle Schools we look to utilise a wide variety of methods to enhance the learning of all students as they move through the school.

Realising the Potential Within.

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