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As parents we want our children to have balance in their lives. We want them to grow to be the best they can, to learn to achieve academically, to participate in a range of activities and to develop their whole personality. It is important for them to understand responsibility and to have a positive self- image and self-discipline. We know that if they are raised in a Christian environment they will learn respect for others as well as for themselves. We realise they need all these things to be successful and we can’t achieve this on our own. We need a school that supports us and provides guidance and reinforcement when we are not there.

At Rivermount College we are proud of the authentic spirit created by our diverse and supportive community. Strong relationships between parents, staff, students, alumni and the wider community create a nurturing and collaborative environment where acceptance and engagement in all aspects of College life is encouraged.

We believe that the education of our students is a partnership between the school and the home. Through the development of genuine relationships with families, we are able to provide a consistent learning environment that enables students to embrace their future with confidence, knowing that they are able to look beyond the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary.