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College House System

The College House system is an integral part of the ethos and philosophy of Rivermount College providing the opportunity for students to develop their team skills and school spirit. Each student from Kindergarten to Year 12 is a member of one of the four College Houses. The Houses compete regularly in sporting and cultural events throughout the year. Each House has been named in honour and recognition of the valuable contributions made by the College Founders.

In January 2007, the College moved from a three House system to the current four House system that includes Young House (Blue), Bonner House (Ochre), Taylor House (Green) and Magee House (Gold).



House Colour: Blue

House Patron: The Young Family

Mr Colin Young is the Founding Principal of Rivermount College and Mr Hank Young is the Founding President of the College Board of Directors. Together with Mrs Corry Young also a Founding Member of the Board of Directors, they have developed the vision of Rivermount College from a dream to reality.

House Symbol: Eagle

The Eagle with its natural grace, keen vision, amazing strength and extraordinary powers of flight give it a majestic presence worthy of any opponent.



House Colour: Ochre

House Patron: Dr Neville Bonner AO

The late Dr Neville Bonner AO was the Founding Patron of Rivermount College. His dedication to building bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians remains an essential cornerstone of the College's mission.

House Symbol: Frill-necked Lizard

The frill-necked lizard is a true Australian icon. Its spectacular display of speed and courage make it true survivor easily able to adapt to any situation and not afraid to stand and fight against its opponents.



House Colour: Green

House Patron: Mr Brian Taylor

Mr Brian Taylor is a Foundation Member of the College Board of Directors. He has provided financial guidance and leadership since the College's inception.

House Symbol: Crocodile

The Crocodile is renowned for its incredible strength and power as well as its extraordinary speed and patience. These attributes combine to make the Crocodile a worthy competitor capable of striking fear in its opponents.



House Colour: Gold

House Paton: Rev. John Magee

The Reverend John Magee has had a long association with Rivermount College, providing spiritual guidance and leadership not only to the College but the wider community. Reverend John Magee joined the College Board of Directors in 1994.

House Symbol:  Dingo

The Dingo is an extremely intelligent animal with great nimbleness and agility. Its highly developed senses, fierce loyalty and great strength make it an opponent worthy of respect.