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Creating Authentic Life Experiences

Each student at Rivermount College is encouraged to open their mind to the world of creative thinking, self-expression and visual communication. Whether they are an aspiring violinist, actor, sculptor or dancer, they can pursue their dream at an academic level and participate in the extensive cocurricular and Performing Arts Tuition Program.

Through specialist tuition, students can enjoy Dance, Cheerleading, Singing, Speech and Drama instruction or participate in the extensive Instrumental Program. Involvement in College Bands, Choral groups, Musicals, and Eisteddfods offers students an avenue to develop their passion and confidence.

Clubs are available to cater for interests in Technology, Science, Art and the Environment, as well as a range of enrichment programs that provide academic challenges such as Robotics and Coding, Debating, Engineering, Mooting and Public Speaking. Through participation in social justice and community service groups, students can make a difference at local, national and global levels.

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