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Code of Behaviour

Rivermount College is a school community where learning takes place in a co-operative Christian environment which fosters the spiritual, physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth of each individual student.

It is most important that every parent, student and teacher associated with the College appreciates the importance of co-operating in a Christian community with a common concern for the well being of all, and for the promotion of Christian standards in morals and behaviour. To achieve this aim the Code of Behaviour forms an integral part of the Educational Philosophy and Pastoral Care Program of Rivermount College.


The College expects each student to co-operate fully by taking the responsibility for his or her own progress through diligent preparation for, and participation in, all classes he or she attends. This requires showing concern for the need of others to pursue their studies without interference, behaving appropriately at College, both in and outside the classroom, and respecting the authority of all teachers and other members of staff.


The College requires the uniform to be worn to all College functions and sporting fixtures unless the students are otherwise directed. The uniform must be clean and in good repair at all times. Students are expected to wear the appropriate hat to and from school and when out of class. Students must take personal responsibility for appropriate sun protection, e.g., use of sunscreen lotions. 
The College requires boys' hair to be trimmed conservatively at reasonably frequent intervals so that it does not grow below or onto the collar. Hair should be trimmed above the ear. Only conservative styling is acceptable. No jewellery of any kind is permitted. 
The College expects girls' hair to be tidy, tied back from the face and conservatively styled. Dyed hair or make-up, including nail polish, is not allowed. Plain sleepers or studs are allowed for girls. No other jewellery is to be worn.


It is essential that students develop respect for themselves as individuals and as students of the College. The College therefore requires students to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that will enhance their reputation and that of others at the College. Offensive behaviour including bullying, the use of bad language, smoking, use of alcohol or illegal drugs, gambling, stealing or causing injury to another, will not be tolerated. Breaking the law may result in offenders being asked to leave the College.

When using social media or conducting activities online, students are expected to demonstrate respect for themselves and for others just as they would be expected to show in face-to-face interactions. Students should not post content that is hateful or harms the reputation and good standing of Rivermount College or those within the College community.


Since real concern for others shows itself in the proper and thoughtful treatment of their property, students are expected to gain permission to use other people's property. This applies regardless of whether the property belongs to an individual, the College or the community. Students must not bring to school valuable items, other than those required for academic and co-curricular activities.


The College offers a wide range of courses, cultural activities and sporting pursuits. Students are obviously unable to participate in all of these activities but they should take part in as many as possible and they should encourage the involvement of their peers. All students are expected to attend the major annual events of the College, e.g. Speech and Prize Giving Night, Foundation Day, College plays and concerts, sporting championships and other functions held from time to time.


When a student joins a College team, group or society, he or she must accept all the commitments involved in that membership. All students are expected to take part in inter-school sporting competitions and attend all team-training sessions outside class hours. An irresponsible attitude only shows lack of respect for others involved.


The College expects students to recognise that there are certain legal responsibilities involved in their attendance at the College. In particular, a student may not leave the grounds for any purpose during the College day without obtaining special leave from the Principal or from those to whom he delegates his or her authority. Except in the case of illness, a student must be in attendance on all days on which the College is open unless leave of absence has been requested in writing and permission granted in advance by the Principal. When a student is absent, the College office must be notified by 8.30 am on the morning of the absence. After any absence from the College, a student must produce a note signed by a parent or guardian, for his or her Pastoral Care teacher which will be appropriately filed. Students who are late to College in the morning, must report to the office to obtain a 'late pass' which is to be presented to their teacher. Under no circumstances is a student to be admitted to class without their late pass.


In matters which are not specifically covered by the above Code of Behaviour or any other College regulation, students of the College will observe the principles contained above regarding the dignity of others, the respect for others and for their property, and of mutual co-operation within the College community.