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Performing Arts Tuition (PAT)

The Rivermount College Performing Arts Tuition Program provides students with the opportunity to focus on and develop their ability and skill acquisition in specific disciplines. Lessons take place during College hours and are available as a private, shared or group arrangement, depending on the nature and availability of the activity.


The range of tuition opportunities available are listed below:

  • Guitar (including Ukulele and Bass Guitar)
  • Voice
  • Percussion
  • Brass and Woodwind (Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet and Trombone)
  • Piano
  • Strings (Violin, Viola and Cello)
  • PAT Dance
  • PAT Acrobatics

With the exception of Dance, Piano and Acrobatics, all lessons are 30 minutes in length. In most cases, lessons are scheduled on a rotational basis to ensure that students do not miss the same school lesson each week. Secondary students may elect to take advantage of a before or after school lesson, however, this is subject to the availability of the tutor.

Tuition Fees

Billing for the Performing Arts programs will be based on a term by term payment system. Under this system, students who undertake a full year program will be guaranteed to receive at least 30 lessons throughout the year, allowing for lessons that are missed through College activities and academic commitments (camps, excursions, exams and carnivals).


Terms and Conditions

Tuition Fees
At the beginning of each term, fees will be invoiced for the full term and payment is required within 14 days. If payment for tuition is not received by the due date, enrolment of the student will be suspended until payment is made or alternative arrangements are agreed upon. The tuition fee covers the cost of instruction only and does not include instruments, books or other equipment that may be required to undertake lessons. No student will be admitted to the Performing Arts Tuition Program if program fees for previous terms remain outstanding.

Cancellation of Tuition
Cancellation of tuition must be made in writing addressed to the PAT Coordinator. Cancellations may be requested via email ( Cancellations will not be accepted for the current term once tuition has commenced. Cancellation requests received after the commencement of tuition will be processed for the following term and you will be required to pay the invoice for the current term, whether the student continues to attend the lessons or not. The College reserves the right to alter the cancellation policy at any time.

Attendance at lessons is the responsibility of the student. While all reasonable attempts will be made to ensure a student is in attendance at their lesson, the College cannot be held responsible for lessons missed. Due to arrangements that are in place with regards to the payment of teachers, lessons that are missed cannot be refunded. Provided appropriate notification has been received, make-up lessons may be made available to students undertaking private lessons.

Students who have assessments/examinations that fall during their lesson time are to notify the PAT Coordinator via as soon as possible. All attempts to reschedule will be made but cannot be guaranteed.

The Instrument Loan Terms and Conditions
The instrument and any accessories provided by the College remain the property of Rivermount College, however, I am required to maintain the equipment in good, working order. If the instrument requires service and/or any of the loan items require repair or replacement due to inappropriate use, I understand and accept that this will be at my own expense. The loan arrangement covers the instrument only and does not extend to tuition materials (books, cds, sheet music) or consumables (strings, rosin, reeds, cork grease) required to undertake lessons and maintain the instrument. The instrument is loaned without cost over a 12 month Loan Instrument Scheme. After the Loan Scheme period has ended a fee of $50 will be added to the students school fees on a termly basis. If your child elects not to continue with lessons, the instrument must be returned to the College within one week of cancellation and will be assessed by the PAT Coordinator upon arrival.