June 13, 2022

2022 Primary Sports Awards | Trimester 2

Following a successful second trimester of GBC Primary sport, we would like to congratulate the following students who were awarded in the sports of Touch Football and Indoor Cricket. GO RMC!

Year 3/4 Encouragement Award
Vaughn Allen
Year 3/4 Encouragement Award
Anna Hewson
Primary Encouragement Award
Abel Buckard
Year 3/4 Team Player
Rory Travers-Jones
Year 3/4 Team Player
William Michael Warner
Best Primary Runner
Henry Chapman
Year 5/6 Gold Encouragement Award
Leo Schenk
Year 5/6 Encouragement Award
Harry Tobin
Year 5/6 Gold Team Player
Carter Cahill
Year 5/6 Team Player
Oliver Hewson
Year 5/6 Green Encouragement Award
Billie Thompson
Most Valuable Player
Zack Hayes
Year 5/6 Green Team Player
Abel Buckard
Most Valuable Player
Lucynda Whittaker