May 19, 2022

2022 Secondary Sports Awards | Trimester 1

With the first trimester of GBC Secondary sport successfully completed, we congratulate the following students that received an award in the sports of Volleyball, Basketball, AFL and Swimming. Our GBC competition for Trimester 2 is now underway and we acknowledge our Sports Captains for the next exciting round of sport. GO RMC!


Girls Netball Captain - Sarah Vilumsons

Boys Touch Captain 2022 - Matthew Hile

Boys Cricket Captain 2022 - Mackenzie Scott

Boys Cross Country Captain 2022 - Dominic Van Breemen

Trimester One

Junior Seconds Most Improved Player
Lachlan Warner
Junior Seconds Most Improved Player
Miranda Hird
Most Improved Junior Swimmer
Cameron Hopkins
Junior Firsts Most Improved Player
Mitchell Volz
Junior Firsts Most Improved Player
Charlotte Oliphant
Most Improved Senior Swimmer
Tahlia Cerchi
Junior Firsts Most Improved Player
Oskar Hajdukovic
Intermediate Firsts Most Improved Player
Maddison Tinson
Most Promising Junior Swimmer
Maiten Scott
Intermediate Seconds Most Improved Player
Leigh Hugyecz
Firsts Most Improved Player
Melissa Magness
Swimmer of the Year
Evan Kennedy
Intermediate Firsts Most Improved Player
Wyatt O’Donnell
Junior Seconds Most Valuable Player
Ayrlie Ellison
Senior Seconds Most Improved Player
Cayless Oliphant
Junior Firsts Most Valuable Player
Jenna Munro
Senior Firsts Most Improved Player
Asher Emery
Intermediate Firsts Most Valuable Player
Sophie Anderson
Junior Seconds Most Valuable
Alex Gang
Most Promising Junior Player
Ashlyn Kennedy
Junior Firsts Most Valuable
Angus Clancy
Basketball Player of the Year
Brianna Livingstone
Intermediate Seconds Most Valuable
Ethan Hall
Intermediate Firsts Most Valuable
Jack Percy
Senior Seconds Most Valuable Player
Jake McNabb
Most Promising Junior Player
Joshua Fortmann
Volleyball Player of the Year
Jackson Love
Most Improved Junior Player
Grace Palhares
Junior Most Improved Player
Landen Stewart
Most Improved Senior Player
Bella Davis
Open Most Improved Player
Kai Hinkins
Most Valuable Junior Player
Esme Wyer
Junior Most Valuable Player
Kyeson Stewart
Most Promising Junior Player
Porsha Foote
Most Promising Junior Player
Daniel Giddings
Player of the Year
Bethany Kelso
Player of the Year
Dominic Van Breemen