Mar 01, 2023

Rivermount Graduate to Media Success

Students of the Year 12 cohort were offered valuable insights into how Rivermount helped shape a successful future for alumnus, Liam Armstrong, at their recent Year 12 Breakfast. Since graduating in 2013, Liam has gone on to become an award-winning Advertising and Media Specialist. He attributes time at the College as one of the factors behind his successful career.

On reflection, Liam says it was the College’s values that helped arm him with the resilience and confidence to seize every opportunity. He advised students not to waste time or advantages.

Liam’s success originated with a personal goal and by putting his hand up for a role in which he could grow personally and professionally. He says life is about seizing opportunities.

The honest truth is, you may or may not know what you want to do at this time. Trust me, it’s about taking on the journey and giving everything 150%”.

Speaking about community, which encompasses mateship and inclusion as resourceful ingredients for career development, Liam said it was a value that he underestimated at school.

“I had good relationships with my peers and my teachers, but one key point that was instilled at Rivermount, and I wish I had appreciated more at the time, was the true sense of community.”

So, what is next for our leaders in 2023?

As demonstrated by Liam; no matter which path you seek, a successful journey starts by embracing opportunity and laying down a strong foundation for personal growth and career development. The effort put in this year will pave the way for a successful journey ahead.

Liam Armstrong is an Advertising Account Director at Australian Radio Network and was recently awarded Media Australia’s Queensland Radio Salesperson of the Year and was named one of Radio Today’s 30 Under 30.