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Sep 09, 2021

Artwaves 2021 Exhibition

Artwaves 2021: Logan and adjacent areas secondary schools art exhibition

Artwaves is an annual art exhibition of work sourced from talented high school students in the Logan region. Selected by visual art teachers in conjunction with gallery staff, Artwaves aims to demonstrate the wealth of imagination and creativity present in the city of Logan and adjacent areas.

The College is proud to announce that a selection of art pieces created by Rivermount College Secondary Students will be on display.

View the exhibition from Friday 10 September to Saturday 16 October 2021

The Logan Art Gallery is located at Cnr Wembley Rd & Jacaranda Ave, Logan Central

Holly Atkinson


Embroidery thread, cross-stitch fabric, yarn, embroidery hoop. 9cm^2

Tranquil Verdure

Glass panel, acrylic paint, gouache paint. 15.5 x 10.5cm

Holly Atkinson

Rising from the Ashes

Alcohol markers, black fine liner, burnt paper, wood and paper ash, watercolour paper, candle wax. 14.81 x 21.01cm

Angus Reid

Steampunk Motorbike

Assorted metals, nuts, bolts, leather seat, spark plugs, bearings, spare tube. 35x10.3cm

Melissa Magness

Starry Night in Berlin

Oil on Canvas. 21x29.7cm

Holly-Ann Walker

Stages of a Relationship

Timber, jute twine, wood stain. Length: 46.50cm Depth: 15cm Width: 14cm

Nicholas Pearce

Surviving Anxiety?

Digital Drawing. 56.15 seconds

Lily Prichard

The Explosion of Decades

Acrylic on canvas. 29.7x42cm

Class of Year 10, Rivermount College


Wooden bases, wire. 30x60cm