June 03, 2021

Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Challenge

Students in Year 4 to Year 6 recently took part in the Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Challenge.

The Bebras Challenge is an international initiative that aims to promote informatics and computational thinking among students of all ages. The challenge is an interactive way to teach students critical, creative, and computational thinking as well as collaboration.

Students are given a timeframe of 60 minutes and a choice to compete individually or in groups of up to four, with the challenge covering various topics in a range of difficulties.

Our Primary students performed exceptionally well with many achieving results at a Distinction and High Distinction level.

Congratulations to the following Upper Primary Students.

Year 6 - Distinction

Jed Bower

Xavier Clark

Harry Humphries

Nicholas Kelso

Chase Macdonald

Imogen McConnell

Year 4 – High Distinction

Zahlee Dickson

Meila-Kate Neilan

Sienna Tibaldi

Jake Turner

Year 4 - Distinction

Alice Beckton

Asha Bower

Asher Davies

Jocelyn Clark

Tahlia Crowther

Javier Gerding Faivre

Georgina Harrison

Samuel Matthews

Charlie Percy

Evie Richardson

Maddison Roles

Evelina Volz