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Mar 11, 2022

Celebration of Leadership | Primary and Secondary School Induction 2022

Today we celebrated the induction of the 2022 Primary and Secondary School Leadership Teams and the Student Representative Council (SRC).

Congratulations to our Primary and Secondary School Leaders for 2022.

Primary School

Leadership Team

Matthew Fortmann

Billy Jorgensen

Kate Saathoff-Thies

Rhett Scharenguivel

Siena Travers-Jones

Pippa Vearing

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Lachlan Algie (3A)

Mia Butcher (3A)

Kirra Chappel (3B)

Rory Travers-Jones (3B)

Peyton Johnson (3 C)

Jaden Soar (3C)

Scarlet Brandsen (4A)

Niko Sabelja (4A)

Mason Faulkner (4B)

Aria Rivers (4B)

Jasmine Hall (4C)

Lincoln Hollis (4C)

Reese Grant (5A)

Georgina Harrison (5A)

Zahlee Dickson (5B)

Jacey Munro (5B)

Jocelyn Clark (5C)

Joshua Hile (5C)

Eden Hastings (6A)

Georgia Larwood (6A)

Leonard Karczewski (6B)

Mateja Sabelja (6B)

Secondary School

College Captains 2022

Abigail Robertson

Dominic VanBreeman

Leadership Team

Community and Environment Captains: Melissa Magness (SRC President), Matthew Hile, Mackenzie Scott

Academic Captains: Charli Johnstone and Asher Emery

Sports Captains: Sarah Vilumsons and Evan Kennedy

Arts and Cultural Captains: Bethany Kelso and Amy Furness

Wellbeing Captain: Annabelle Ross and Lachlan Astridge

Student Representative Council (SRC)

President: Melissa Magness

Vice president: Kiarra Roberts

Vice president: Aaron Tynan

Alex Gomez (7A)

Phoenix Woods (7B)

Giselle Slater (7C)

Lilly Ladeck (7D)

Jacob Kosik (8A)

Taylah Anderson (8B)

Olivia Morony (8C)

Kenzie Hunt (8D)

Esme Wyer (9A)

Leigh Hugyecz and Henrietta Stahelin-Hall (9B)

Danielle Johnson (9C)

Sophie Anderson (9D)

Cassie Robertson (10A)

Austin Barrett (10B)

Gracie Dummer (10C)

Richelle Kontos (11A)

Maya Barclay-Ford (11B)

Chelsea Gang (11C)

Annabelle Williams (11D)

Abel Eludeme (12A)

Abbie Hills (12B)

Brooke Payne (12C)