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Sept 02, 2022

Learning life skills | Duke of Edinburgh

A group of Rivermount College Secondary students recently enjoyed trekking through the Gold Coast Hinterlands as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Practice expedition.

With the assistance of Vertec Adventure and their guides, students were familiarised with bush awareness and risks, hiking in group situations and using a map and compass. While navigating bushland together, this created opportunities for personal growth and team building through shared planning, role allocation, and problem-solving.

Rivermount College Director of Sports and Duke of Edinburgh convenor, Mr Andy Knapper, shared the benefits of blending non-formal education with academic school rigours.

"The Award is vital in providing opportunities for young people to develop essential life skills, increase their employability and foster creativity and innovation. It can transform individuals, communities and societies around the world," he said.

Rivermount College students who complete Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards are required to complete various community and environmental projects while getting fit and learning new skills. Through the Duke of Edinburgh Award Program, students can learn valuable time management skills, perseverance, and communication skills with their colleagues and activity assessors.