Nov 02, 2023

Honours Awards 2023

Honours Awards are presented to students who have attained the highest non-academic achievements throughout our co-curricular program and continually demonstrate their commitment and excellence to our College.

As recognition, students are awarded an Honours adornment on their College blazer and are celebrated at a special assembly.

Congratulations to the following students who were recently awarded with Honours for 2023.

Edison Richard - Year 11

Edison is an incredibly skilled young musician who has already achieved his Grade 8 AMEB Certificate and is working towards an Associate in Music Australia diploma, which is awarded to outstanding candidates in musical performance and music by theory. He is also an active member of The Queensland Symphony Youth Orchestra and is a mentor for younger musicians here at the College.

Liam McVicar - Year 12

Liam is a multi-talented musician who has inspired many in the arts with his intuitiveness and tenacity. Having achieved an AMEB Grade 6 level for keyboard and piano in Year 7, Liam shifted his focus to guitar and has been showcasing his musical passion on the strings as the youngest member ever in the College Backline Masters band. Liam is also vocally-gifted with a voice that has added more depth and finesse to our band. Outside of school, Liam has been working and gigging professionally as a guitarist in a rock band and will be contracted to a renowned Brisbane agency as soon as the band members all turn 18.

Taylah May - Year 12

Taylah has engaged in a number of extra-curricular activities through the College over the years that have included soccer, College musicals, the wind ensemble, Dance Performance Team and choir. Outside of the College, Taylah is also a State and National Champion in multiple disciplines in the sport of shooting. She recently added completion of the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award to her list of achievements. Taylah’s passionate attitude towards completing goals, resilience and versatility, will serve her well into the future.

Tylah Pooley - Year 12

Tylah has been an active participant of our sports and arts programs, representing the College for volleyball, basketball, netball, hockey and swimming, where she frequently medalled in age championship events. In the arts, Tylah has featured in the choir and more recently as a key member of our Dance Performance Team. Tylah has also achieved her Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, while demonstrating exceptional team working skills as she participated in the necessary award tasks.

Caiden MacFarlane - Year 10

Caiden has proudly represented the College in a variety of disciplines over the years including soccer, touch football and futsal, however he is renowned for his talent on the track, having gained back-to-back champion status at District, Regional and State Cross Country events in 2022 and 2023. In his preferred distances of 800 metres and 1500 metres, Caiden has been crowned National Champion for the past two years. Caiden is commended for his passionate commitment to his sport as he continues to strive for excellence to improve his personal best times and reach higher levels of representation.