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Mar 12, 2021

Kindy Frog Hotel

Rivermount Seedlings have been working hard this term learning new topics through an inquiry-based program. We use the LAUNCH inquiry model to guide us through our investigative projects. By following this model, we are allowing students to be at the centre of their own learning which assists in creating authentic and engaging experiences. 

The students have been learning about frogs, which has stemmed from their interest in tadpoles. Throughout the unit the children have investigated frog habitats, learnt about the life cycle of a frog, and created their very own Frog Hotel. The idea behind the Frog Hotel is that native frogs in the area can access a safe and warm space while they are travelling to new habitats. This promotes the student's understanding of the natural environment we have at Rivermount College and teaches them to care for the land and the native fauna. 

Today we finally had a little green tree frog visit Rivermount Seedlings. The immense joy and excitement this brought the children was seen across all their smiling faces.