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Apr 01, 2021

Open A’s Debating | RMC vs All Saints

On Wednesday 17 March, Rivermount's Open A’s Debating Team arrived at Somerset College and began the preparations for our debate with a completely unknown topic and a winner’s mentality. With a four-woman team including two members who had not participated in a debate since Middle School, we went in with low expectations but high hopes. Our team of Holly Hudson, Olivia Armstrong, and Alison Gustavson, were negatively opposing the idea that “the Covid-19 vaccine should be made mandatory”. 

All Saints didn’t know what hit them. Within twenty minutes, this controversial and relevant topic was being brainstormed and dissected into powerful arguments that we knew would destroy our opposing team. We knew it would be tough, but we were ready. With arguments attacking the practicality of the affirmative’s objectively weak model and strongly advocating for human rights, each speaker delivered a stellar performance. We won by a margin of five, which is quite impressive seeing as a debate is normally won by just one or two. With a win under our belts, we cannot wait to crush our opponent in the next round.

- Emma Radford, Time Keeper