Mar 24, 2022

Primary School Electives | Learning skills beyond the classroom

Whether it’s building robots, participating in a fitness bootcamp, or learning how to draw, students at Rivermount College are able to expand their skills and ignite their interests by participating in our Primary School Electives Program.

The Primary School Electives program is available to students in the Primary School from Year 1 to Year 6 and is held after school in four-week time slots during Terms 1 and 3.

This year our students were able to enjoy a variety of elective options including:

• Directed Drawing

• Drama Club

• Lego Club

• Fitness Bootcamp

• Skipping

• Stretching, relaxing and Mindfulness

• Chess

• Art

• Lego Mindstorms

• Web Design

As part of our partnership between home and school, the College invites parent to participate in the elective program by offering to assist with an activity.