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Aug 12, 2022

Senior School Sports Awards | Trimester 2, 2022

We were delighted to recognise the talents of our Senior School students recently, with the presentation of awards for the Trimester 2 GBC Secondary Competition sports of Netball, Touch Football, Soccer, Cricket and Cross Country. GO RMC!

Girls Netball Boys Touch Football GIRLS SOCCER BOYS INDOOR CRICKET
Intermediate Firsts Most Improved Player
Grace Morony
Senior Firsts Most Improved Player
Riku Silling
Most Improved Senior Player
Abigail Robertson
Cricket Player of the Year
Matthew Conias
Senior Seconds Most Improved Player
Megan Van Tonder
Intermediate Most Valuable Player
Dylan Stewart
Soccer Player of the Year
Paige Slater
Senior Firsts Most Improved Player
Tyla Miethke
Touch Football Player of the Year
Matthew Hile
Senior Seconds Most Valuable Player
Kelsey Ahrens
Netball Player of the Year
Sarah Vilumsons
Cross Country
Most Improved Senior
Brendan Nash