Nov 04, 2022

The Scene Project

Queensland Theatre’s The Scene Project is a statewide program encouraging drama students throughout the state to engage in the creative process of performance, from rehearsal through to presentation. Participating schools are provided with a full-length, original script by a professional playwright (in this case, Chroma Town by Suzie Miller) and use it as a stimulus for a 15-minute performance. The performance can be anything - a selection of existing scenes from the play, existing characters in new situations or a completely new work based on the themes or ideas evident in the original work. Each school can approach the project as they see fit - some complete the project with their curriculum classes, while others run it as an extracurricular activity.

This year Rivermount College’s Year 9 Drama class participated in the project, developing ideas in a workshop with a Queensland Theatre Teaching Artist, writing scenes for assessment and then selecting material to present for the outcome day. Year 9 Drama is a small class made up of an eclectic group of students, and I am grateful for the energy and enthusiasm they brought to the project. Many of the students also participated in the College musical and two students, Mille Dunne-Demo and Esme Wyer have gone on to participate in the Queensland Theatre Logan Young Artists Project.

After a few lean years for the performing arts, it is wonderful to see students taking advantage of the opportunities that are available to them once more. There are a number of fabulous youth opportunities available to students: At one end of the spectrum is Queensland Theatre, the state’s flagship theatre company, which runs a significant Youth Program including the Young Artists’ Ensemble Program (applications are open now), Young Writers’ Ensemble, Student Pathways Program and Theatre Residency Week. There are also a variety of local theatre companies that run youth programs with performance outcomes. And of course, next year will see Rivermount back in the one-act play space, producing a selection of works with A1 Drama Club.

If you have any questions about these or other opportunities, don’t hesitate to contact Mr Darryn Swaby, Head of Arts or Mr Adam O’Connor, Director of Performing Arts.