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Sept 02, 2022

Year 10 Dinner Dance

A beautiful location, complete with a breathtaking sunset, delicious food and an evening of dancing, created lasting memories for our students at the recent Year 10 Dinner Dance held at Gainsborough Greens.

The annual Dinner Dance is a fun bonding activity for our Year 10 cohort, providing them with the opportunity to spend time together outside of their normal school routine.

"The night involved dancing and singing loudly to the lyrics of a number of 2000’s songs. Many students got up and slow danced with their friends to Taylor Swift, beginning with Nathan and Carter who slow danced to Tay-Tay and Miley Cyrus's Party in the USA."

"As most of the boys matched in Hawaiian shirts, Tristan with his steam punk hat and walking stick stood out as our 'Best Dressed' for the night attracting a lot of attention. However, the highlight of the evening was Mr Mulder dancing to Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’ as everyone clapped and cheered him on. The night came to an end with all the girls getting a chance to kick off their heels for the final three songs. Everyone who attended had a good time and enjoyed the chance to dress up and party."

"Special thanks to the staff at Gainsborough Greens, DJ Jax for making the evening a memorable, and our hard-working teachers Mr Thomas, Mr Brown, Mr Hopkins, Mr Mulder, Mrs Helbig and Mrs Moloney who gave up their time to ensure that we had a great time and were able to make lasting memories."

- Grace Moroney, Year 10 student