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Jul 28, 2021

Year 4 Coochiemudlo Island Adventure

On Monday 19 July, the Year 4 students enjoyed an adventurous day on Coochiemudlo Island. The students travelled by ferry before walking around the island and learning about the Aboriginal people who also ventured across to the island. Due to the low tide, students were able to explore the island by walking around the beach, through the Melaleuca Forest and then through the wetlands. The students learned that Coochiemudlo Island was important to the Aboriginal people in the early days before the arrival of early settlers. They would visit the island, often arriving by canoe, or wading out from Victoria Point during very low tides.

The students also learned that on the same day as the excursion, Matthew Flinders first set foot on the island in 1799 with his cat, Trim. The highlight for many of the students was the opportunity to paint red ochre on their faces, just like the Aboriginal people had done in the past. This clay was very important for ceremonial purposes, and they used to come from as far afield as Stradbroke Island to collect it. The students had a sandcastle competition to finish the day, before hopping back on the ferry and returning to school.