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Sept 08, 2022

Year 7 Camp | Elanda Point

Our Year 7 students had a fantastic time at the Elanda Point Eco Camp participating in a number of outdoor recreational activities. Mountain biking, canoeing, paddleboarding and raft building along with visiting historical sites, doing quizzes and puzzles kept students physically and mentally active. As students engaged in numerous activities outside of the classroom, they were able to strengthen bonds, share new experiences and create lasting memories as a cohort.

At the Elanda Point Camp, our Year 7 students learned self-management skills and life skills while cultivating friendships, and developing teamwork skills. This was achieved through a number of activities students participated in. One of the activities included paddling in a canoe. Students were placed in canoes in groups of two or three and soon realized they would not make any progress unless all members played their part. After seeing some groups capsize into chilly water, students realised how their actions affected others in their canoe.

Another activity included giant stand-up paddle boards, where ten students stood on the board, with each student standing and wobbling like baby giraffes with paddles in hand. Once somewhat steady, a three-board race began with students paddling around a buoy 200m away. When paddle timing started, students were away, much to the disbelief of staff. Students were rewarded for their efforts and later enjoyed the bomb dive competition and the one-on-one wrestling challenge.

Students’ teamwork and patience were put to the test in raft building when several poles, water drums and ropes were provided. It soon became apparent to students that the work was to be divided amongst them. The activity revealed some budding engineers, ideas people, and those who like to lift, carry and tie knots, as well as arm wavers and those who liked to watch from a distance.

As part of the speed activities, mountain biking was offered, where riders rode through trees, mud, a boardwalk, sand, and even a technical skills course. This is perhaps the part where teachers felt their age as students surpassed them with a wave and smile. These activities were combined with other memorable experiences such as hiking, night walks, beach games, a disco and a dance battle all set amongst beautiful surroundings with friends and peers.

Ultimately, all students had a great time and had a very successful camp where they were able to grow as young people while having fun. Thank you to all students for their participation and conduct and thank you to all staff for their involvement.
- Paul Rayfield, Secondary School Teacher