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Resale of Second-hand items

Items submitted for sale must be accompanied by a “Second-hand Items for Resale” form which is available through Parent Lounge or can be downloaded here.

Download the resale form here

It is important to note that:

  • Uniforms, textbooks and school bags must be clean and in excellent condition;
  • Only current style uniforms will be accepted;
  • Blazers must be dry-cleaned;
  • Akubra hats must be cleaned and re-blocked;
  • Books must be in very good condition and without graffiti;
  • Books are sold on a consignment basis which means parents are only paid when (or if) the book is sold.



  1. Items must be clean, pressed and/or dry cleaned, and in good repair.
  2. The Retail Centre reserves the right to reject uniform items that are received in an unsatisfactory condition.
  3. Items will be rejected by the Retail Centre, if they are dirty, stained, faded, in need of repair (such as pleats/seams are undone), not current uniform style and/or deemed for any other reason by the Retail Centre staff to be unsatisfactory for resale.
  4. The Retail Centre will determine the price for an item based on the condition of the item.
  5. Parents will be advised by EMAIL what items have not been accepted for resale. These items can be collected from the College. Any item not collected within 14 days of the email will be disposed of by the College.


Books submitted for re-sale must be:
• in excellent condition
• free of any writing or graffiti
• current edition only and appear on the current booklist