Scholarships of Excellence

Scholarships of Excellence are awarded to students who demonstrate an outstanding level of achievement in the areas of Academia, Sport, Music and the Performing Arts.

Applications can be made at any time of the year and are open to students from Year 6 to Year 12.

Academia: Students must be able to demonstrate a consistent level of Very High Achievement in all subject areas and attain results in the top 5% of their cohort. Evidence will be demonstrated through the submission of prior and current school reports; NAPLAN testing and the completion of the EDUTEST Scholarship Examination.

Sport: It is a requirement that students will be competing at a minimum of either State or National representative level in a sport that is part of the current competition program at Rivermount College. A full list of eligible sports is available by contacting our Enrolments Team. Applications should be accompanied by official documentation stating the students' participation at the representative level. References from coaches and team managers are encouraged.

Music and The Performing Arts: Students applying for a Music or Performing Arts Scholarship are required to provide evidence of successful completion of music or performing arts examinations. An audition will be requested upon submission of a comprehensive portfolio.

Scholarships of Excellence are awarded on an individual basis and an interview with the College Principal is required.

The percentage awarded and the duration of the scholarship is at the discretion of the Principal. It is a requirement that students remain actively involved in the College sporting, music, performing arts or academic program.

We encourage applicants to contact our Enrolments Team to discuss eligibility and to obtain an application form. Please telephone 3287 0000 or email