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Scholarships of Excellence

Scholarships of Excellence are awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding achievement in Academia, Sport, Music and the Performing Arts.

Applications submitted for a Scholarship of Excellence are reviewed by the College Principal and relevant Heads of School with the following criteria applied:

  1. The student must currently be in or entering Year 6 to Year 11
  2. The student must have an exemplary attendance and behaviour record
  3. The student must be able to demonstrate commitment to their current school's leadership and/or co-curricular program
Excellence Area Criteria
Outstanding academic achievement with a minimum result of A or VHA across all key subject areas. NAPLAN results should indicate achievement in the top band (exceeding) across a minimum of 3 areas
Recognised achievement at State or National level for sport. Evidence of representation at this level is required upon application. Representation must be in a sport that the College currently participates in (eg. cross country, swimming, athletics)
Performing Arts
Proven achievement and performance in recognised industry competitions. Music students are required to submit evidence of AMEB (or similar) examinations

Applications can be made at any time of the year and are open to students from Year 6 to Year 11. Completion of the Scholarship of Excellence Application Form is essential.