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Feb 26, 2021

2021 Swimming Age Champions

‘Swim RMC’  is set to be a dynamic team in 2021 with the recent awarding of Age Champions for swimming showcasing a wonderful array of talent. Each year, keen swimmers from Year 3 to Year 12 compete for championships honours and this year we congratulate the following students on their success:

Age Boys Girls
9 Years
1.Ryan Ferris 2.Carter Lalot 3.Lachlan Olden
1.Elexis Hopkins 2.Jennalee Robertson 3.Scarlet Brandsen
10 Years
1.Lukas Kosik 2.Harry Sorbello 3.Jack Giddings
1.Evelina Volz 2.Eden Hastings 3.Jordie Crouch
11 Years
1.Oskar Hajdukovic 2.Jack Van Dam 3.Jordan Munro
1.Abigail Van Dam 2.Piper Dickson 3.Daisy Bestwick
12 Years
1.Cameron Hopkins 2.Hunter Buckley 3.Riley Buckley
1.Jessica Ferris 2.Matilda Barrett 3.Rahnee Cooper-McNae
13 Years
1.Jacob Kosik 2.Benjamin Milton 3.Marcus Hajdukovic
1.Phebe Crang 2.Charlotte Oliphant 3.Taylah Crouch
14 Years
1.Fletcher Morris 2.Kayd Emery 3.Cooper Oliphant
1.Mia Sullivan 2.Ashlyn Kennedy 3.Evie Scharenguivel
15 Years
1.Harry Bestwick 2.Mitchell Golinski 3.Scott Osborne
1.Breanna Dwyer 2.Kelsey Ahrens 3.Tylah Pooley
16 Years
1.Cayless Oliphant 2.Tim Nielson 3.Riku Silling
1.Ellie Morris 2.Maddison Coutts
18 Years
1.Mitchell Kennedy 2.Heath Rankmore 3.Evan Kennedy
1.Abigail Robertson 2.Charli Johnstone 3.Grace Prole