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Jun 10, 2021

2021 Upper Primary Athletics Carnival

The recent Upper Primary Inter-House Athletics Championships saw our Year 3 to Year 6 students enjoy a spirited day of competition with excellent displays of participation and sportsmanship.

The carnival included an array of events including sprints, high jump, discus and shot put and the very popular tug of war.

The oval was a sea of Blue, Ochre, Green and Gold as students enthusiastically completed a circuit of events, collecting House points at the end of each rotation.

Congratulations to our 2021 champions, Taylor House.

Our Age Champions for 2021 are:

9 Years Girls

1. Lena Steele

2. Summa Van Haren

3. Asha Bower

9 Years Boys

1. Henry Chapman

2. Oliver Hewson

3. Carter Lalot

10 Years Girls

1. Ellie Leneham

2. Mateja Sabelja

3. Melita Dodd

10 Years Boys

1. Lukas Kosik

2. Carter Cahill

3. Asher Davies and Archie Chapman

11 Years Girls

1. Hannah Ruppenthal

2. Piper Dickson

3. Charlotte Butcher

11 Years Boys

1. Rhys Steele

2. Jordan Munro

3. Mitchell Clout

12 Years Girls

1. Ava Halkeas

2. Imogen McConnell

3. Jessica Ferris

12 Years Boys

1. Jackson Cahill

2. Jonathon Gibson

3. Joel Tibaldi