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Sep 09, 2021

Grade of Origin - Game 2

Thousands of staff and students came from everywhere, South Korea, Paris, England, and Ormeau to catch Game 2 in Grade of Origin 2021.

The anticipation was thick with revenge from the Year 7 team following on from their first game defeat. They came out hard. They came out ready. They threw everything they could at the Year 6 “one game up” team.

The Year 7’s ran like they knew what they were doing, kicking the ball high and kicking it long, making the crowd “Ooooo” and “Ahhhhhh” with absolute delight. All eyes were on the ball and the skill from the players themselves. The first goal was from Year 7 removing all doubt from Game 1. But it didn’t last long. Within 2 minutes of celebrations, the Year 6 team had the ball sway in the back of the net like a fine wave at Surfers Paradise. 1 ALL. Back at the starting line things were looking hot. The players were in action mode and the crowd roared for more. The Year 7’s scored, then straight back at ya, the Year 6’s were not going down without a fight, and half time was called. 2 ALL was the score.

The second half was called and the Year 7’s ran on the field, this time with an extra player, to see if they could get away with it. But with the likes of Mr Tranter, Mrs Henry, and Mrs Verriest there was no chance that was ever going to happen, and they let me know, don’t you worry about that. They wanted the Year 6’s to win just as much as we all want Covid to flip off.

There were some spectacular goalkeeping with dives and massive risks to their supermodel faces, from both teams. It was hard to believe, but we all continued to go “Oooooo”, “Ahhhhhh” and a “Yeah!!!”. It was brilliant stuff! The highlight came at the start of second half when one of the Year 6’s scored an incredible goal, ran over the corner post, jumped and karate kicked it with the biggest “Rahhhh!!!” The whole team ran up to him to congratulate him on a job well done. It was great stuff! The Year 6’s were now 3 goals to 2 and it felt like nothing was going to stop them now. They were right! The Year 7’s gave everything they could and had a few tricks up their sleeves, but they were no match for the powerhouse Year 6 team. 2 more goals were scored, and the game was done!!!

5 goals to 2, the Year 6 team win the series!!!!

Will they make it into a total whitewash and take the dominant stance of the Grade of Origin victors forever, or will they be met with a unified, hungry and energised Year 7 team to redeem themselves and take back some pride to their camp.

It’s all exciting and we’re pumped to see how it plays out.

Till the next game at the Rivermount Oval.

We’ll see you then!

Craig Thomas (Tommo) | College Counsellor