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Aug 06, 2021

Grade of Origin - Game 1

It was a highly anticipated first game of 'Grade of Origin' Soccer that we had all been eagerly waiting for since the start of the school term. Some even missed the Olympics to see this event!

With an outstanding student and staff turn up, you could tell we were in for a BIG game! And a BIG game we had! There were 5,000 people (or thereabouts) in attendance and the crowd was roaring. They were pumped!

The Year 7 students came out with a fury of strikes against the well-drilled Year 6 students. The first half was taken easily by Year 7 who seemed to know the game was going to be theirs to take and it looked like they had it in the bag.

Year 7 students – 2 | Year 6 students – 0

The second half began, and the Year 6 Team came out of nowhere to bring the battle back to an even game of 2 all.

The nail-biting last minute saw the Year 7 Team fight their way over the halfway line trying to secure their dominance as the superior grade. They had displayed such skill in the first half. However, the Year 6 Team had incredible talent in their attack to strike back a massive blow into the hearts of the Year 7 students.

The Year 6 Team scored with 5 seconds to go. Winning 3 points to 2…the Year 6 Team WIN!!! What a game.

Will the Year 7 students be able to recover and get revenge on their loss from round one or will it be a possible Year 6 whitewash?

Don’t miss the next game. Time and venue to be revealed shortly.

Mr. Craig (Tommo) Thomas | College Counsellor