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June 22, 2022

Japanese | Learning through clothing

Our language program provides students with a valuable opportunity to learn a second language and participate in culturally rich activities. Our Year 4 and Year 11 Japanese classes recently explored traditional clothing to gain a deeper understanding of the Japanese language and culture.

Year 4 Japanese

Our Year 4 students explored descriptors for clothing in order to create and present an original fashion design. As part of their investigations, they studied traditional Japanese clothing including the kimono, yukata, obi, and more.

Year 11 Japanese

The Year 11 students took the opportunity to dress up in traditional Japanese clothing to coincide with the Hinamatsuri Doll Festival which occurs every year on 3 March. Traditionally, families display Emperor and Empress Doll sets and pray for the good health of their daughters. There are a maximum of 15 dolls in a set, with the dolls based on the imperial household of the Heian Period, around 1000 years ago.