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Nov 23, 2021

Japanese Word of the Week

We are excited to launch a new initiative that provides an engaging focus on Japanese studies at Rivermount College. The ‘Japanese Word of the Week’ is brought to you by Mrs Kath Kirkpatrick, known affectionately to our students as Sensei. Each week, Sensei will share a special Japanese word along with its meaning and significance. Remember to check back each week to view the new video presentation.

Word of the Week:

Term 3:

Week 1: おじいちゃん Ojīchan - Grandpa | おばあちゃん O bāchan – Grandma | 大好きです Daisukidesu – I love you

Week 2: すごい Sugoi - Amazing | すてき Suteki - Lovely

Week 3: かわいい Kawaii - Cute | かっこいい Kakkoii - Cool

Week 4: さむいですね。Samui desu ne - It's cold, isn’t it

Week 5: いただきます。Itadakimasu - (Said before eating)

Week 6: ぺこぺこです。Peko peko desu - I'm hungry

Week 7: すみません。Sumimasen - I'm Sorry | Excuse me

Week 8: おねがいします。Onegaishimau - Please

Week 9: だいじょうぶですか。はい、だいじょうぶです。Daijoubu desuka? (Hai, daijoubu desu.) - Are you OK? (Yes, Im OK)

Week 10: きをつけて! Ki o tsukete! | Take care

Term 4

Week 1: いってきます。Ittekimasu. I’m off now. いってらっしゃい。Itterasshai. See you later! (implied: take care)

Week 2: ただいま Tadaima. I’m back. おかえりなさい。Okaerinasai. Welcome home.

Week 3: ありがとう。Arigatou. Thanks. どういたしまして。Dou itashi mashte. You are welcome.

Week 4: たのしいです。Tanoshii desu. It’s fun.

Week 5: いいてんきです。Ii tenki desu! What lovely fine weather.

Week 6: おげんきですか。Ogenki desuka? How are you feeling? はい、げんきです。Hai genki desu. I’m feeling well.

Week 7: つかれた。Tsukareta。I’m tired! おつかれさま- otsukaresama. Many thanks - I appreciate your efforts.

Week 8: クリスマスおめでとう!kurisumasu omedetou! Merry Christmas!