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Feb 26, 2021


Student Leadership at Rivermount College is a wonderful honour and today we inducted those students elected to the Primary School Leadership Team and the Student Representative Council (SRC) for 2021.

Congratulations to our Primary Leaders: Cooper Akins-Brown, Xavier Clark, Emma Cloete, Cameron Hopkins, Stella Micjan, Giselle Slater and Ella Van Haren.

Supporting our student leaders this year and forming a committee to provide all students with a voice, are our Year 3 to Year 6 SRC members. The dynamic team for 2021 consists of the following students:

Coco Martin 3A
Eli Halkeas 3A
Jennalee Robertson 3B
Thomas Gibson 3B
Aria Rivers 3C
Jake Yusuf 3C
Evie Richardson 4A
Carter Lalot 4A
Sienna Tibaldi 4B
Archer Barclay Ford 4B
Matilda Box 4C
Brandon Robinson 4C
Georgia Larwood 5A
Rhett Scharenguivel 5A
Alice Edney 5B
Leonard Karczewski 5B
Jordie Crouch 5D
Mia Daley 6A
Hunter Buckley 6A
Ayrlie Ellison 6B
Luella Freedman 6B
Jayla Garner 6C
Grayson Hollis 6C
Jessica Ferris 6D