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Feb 28, 2023

Primary Leadership, SRC Induction and Principal's Awards

The 2023 Primary School Leadership Team was recently inducted at a special Assembly held on Friday 24 February. The Assembly also introduced the new Student Representative Council (SRC) members and honoured the achievements of Principal's Awards recipients.

Congratulations to our newly elected Primary Leaders:

Our Year 3 to Year 6 SRC members form a committee to provide all students with a united voice. These elected students also have the unique opportunity to strengthen and develop their leadership, communication and problem-solving skills.

Congratulations to the dynamic SRC team for Semester 1, 2023:

3A - Torah Drabsch and Maxwell O’Leary

3B - Elizabeth Callister and Leonardo Smith

3C - Ellie McLuckie and Theodor Roselli

4A - Peyton Adams and Aaron Dominik

4B - Amielle Simpson and Alby Kleinschmidt

4C - Caydence Rennie and Damir Hasanovic

5A - Ruby Goodwin and Brody Simpson

5B - Aria Rivers and Jack Anderson

5C - Ruby McKeown and Gabriel Elkayam

6A - Melita Dodd and Asher Davies

6B - Georgina Harrison and Josh Findlay

6C - Sophie Michalas and Nicholas Johnson

Our Principal’s Award winners, celebrated for a variety of outstanding achievements including exemplary results, effort, and behaviour, are:

Prep Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
PA Frankie Hedges
1A Jasmine Shields
2A Hudson Bell
3A Vivienne Miller
4A Vaughn Allen
5A Scarlet Brandsen
6A Jack Watt
PB Star Rivers
1B Laedyn Barnett
2B Shiloh Crouch
3B Xylia Crich
4B Amielle Simpson
5B Jasmine Hall
6B Saige Gillespie
PC Aylah Wellington
1C Charlotte-Rose Franklin
2C Oliver-Ray Sands
3C Evy Hull
4C Emma Ladek
5C Oliver Nilsen
6C Alice Beckton