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Feb 26, 2021

Secondary School Student Representative Council Induction

The Student Representative Council (SRC) at Rivermount College is comprised of an enthusiastic and proactive group of students committed to giving their peers a voice by putting ideas, suggestions and requests into action. A key objective of the SRC is a focus on social justice and the raising of funds for worthy causes. As a member of the Council, elected students have the unique opportunity to strengthen and develop their leadership, communication and problem solving skills.

Congratulations to the following students from the Secondary School, inducted to the Student Representative Council for 2021:


7A - Taylah Anderson

7B - Grace Hoppe

7C - Rahnee Cooper-McNae

7D - Katie Dart

8A - Danielle Johnson

8B - Zari Nilon

8C – Esme Wyer

8D - Sullivan Clark

9A – Mia Sullivan

9B – Cassandra Robertson

9C- Gracie Dummer

9D - Sophie Harris

10A – Mitchell Reid

10B – Bianca Young

10C - Aleesha Minge

10D - Kirilee Smith

11A - Abel Eludeme

11B - Abigail Robertson

11C – Amelia Fullerton

12A - Hayley Mendham

12B - Georgia Weeks

12C - Holli Owens