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Oct 21, 2022

Secondary Sports Awards | Trimester 3

Following a successful third trimester of GBC Secondary sport, we would like to congratulate the following students who were awarded in the sports of volleyball, touch football, basketball and soccer, as well our those who have excelled in athletics. Congratulations to all students!

Girls Volleyball Girls Touch Football Athletics
Junior Seconds Most Improved Player
Elizabeth Bean
Junior Most Improved Player
Amali Yusuf
Most Improved Junior
Jackson Cahill
Junior Firsts Most Improved Player
Lily Adami
Intermediate Most Improved Player
Cassandra Robertson
Most Improved Senior
Jordan Nash
Intermediate Seconds Most Improved Player
Abbey Basford
Senior Most Improved Player
Ruby Dunn
Most Promising Junior
Maiten Scott
Intermediate Firsts Most Improved Player
Felicity Hird
Junior Most Valuable Player
Charlotte Oliphant
Track and Field Athlete of the Year
Caiden MacFarlane
Senior Seconds Most Improved Player
Zara Sypkens
Intermediate Most Valuable Player
Tiffany Cooke
Senior Firsts Most Improved Player
Bianca Young
Most Promising Junior Player
Ashlyn Kennedy
Junior Seconds Most Valuable Player
Miranda Hird
Touch Football Player of the Year
Taylor Broomfield
Junior Firsts Most Valuable Player
Kirstin Van Tonder
Intermediate Seconds Most Valuable Player
India Gould
Intermediate Firsts Most Valuable Player
Millie Dunne-Demo
Senior Seconds Most Valuable Player
Renae Goethals
Most Promising Junior Player
Maddison Hayes
Boys Soccer Boys Basketball
Most Improved Junior Player
Micah Thorpe
Most Improved Junior Firsts Player
Nathan Holmes
Most Improved Intermediate Player
Isaac McNabb
Most Improved Junior Seconds Player
Landen Stewart
Most Improved Senior Player
Brett Chambers
Most Improved Intermediate Player
Saxson Kettley
Most Valuable Junior Player
Kyeson Stewart
Most Valuable Junior Firsts Player
Jacob Kosik
Most Valuable Intermediate Player
Corey Mason
Most Valuable Junior Seconds Player
Grayson Hollis
Most Promising Junior Player
Matthew Lugg
Most Valuable Intermediate Player
Jordan Nash
Most Promising Junior Player
Mitchell Volz