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Good corporate governance is an essential ingredient in ensuring the success of the multi-stakeholders of Rivermount College.  To this end, Rivermount College has a Board of Directors whose role is outlined below.

The Board of Directors

The Corporations Law clearly establishes that the Board is ultimately responsible for all matters relating to the running of Rivermount Education Ltd (or the Company). The Board’s role is to govern the organisation rather than manage it.  It is delegated to the Chief Executive Officer (Principal) and then to Senior Management to manage the organisation. In general, the Board is responsible for and has the authority to determine all matters relating to the policies, practices, management and operations of the Company.  It is required to do all things that may be necessary to be done in order to carry out the objectives of the company.  

The Board will carry out its activities through the Chief Executive Officer (Principal) by delegating specific powers and responsibilities as defined in the Articles of Association and AHISA Guidelines.

The Hank Young Foundation

The Hank Young Foundation for Aboriginal Welfare and Education is a charitable trust fund that provides financial support to projects that contribute to:

  • The peaceful and harmonious relationship and co-existence of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people of Australia
  • Reinforcing the self-esteem and personal dignity of the Aboriginal people, both as individuals and as a cultural group.

The trustee for The Hank Young Foundation is Koorie Welfare and Education Pty Ltd.

Main Objective:

The object of the Foundation is to use and hold the trust fund and any income thereof for the welfare and education of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.

Specific Objective:

  • to provide finance and other support for activities contributing to the relief of poverty including without limiting the generality of the foregoing, activities contributing to income generation, job creation and micro, small and medium businesses and other self-help activities;
  • to identify, support, initiate, control and conduct effective educational institutions and programs;
  • to identify, support, initiate, control and fund non-profit activities, such as workshops, co-operatives and other similar non-profit projects;
  • to identify, initiate, develop, control and fund projects for housing, accommodation, community welfare and development projects, including health and services, child care, hostels and retirement homes;
  • to fund scholarships for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students and provide funds to individual Indigenous students;
  • to employ staff for, and assist with social, pastoral and welfare activities, including homeless, youth and prisoners;
  • to provide and fund leadership training in education, business and social, pastoral or welfare work;
  • to fund research programs;
  • to provide funds to other charitable funds, institutions and associations

Further information on The Hank Young Foundation can be obtained by contacting, Ms Roslyn Young, Executive Officer on (07) 3807 5541 or email: Detailed information on The Hank Young Foundation including application forms and resources is available from the Foundation website at